Eclectic Electric - Took my money and never shipped my order

Lowell, Massachusetts 1 comment
Not resolved

I placed an order with Eclectic Electric on 12/24/07 for $554.They said shipping would take two months due to the holiday season being busy, so I waited.

It's been six months now, and I have yet to hear or receive anything from them. I've attempted to reach them numerous times, but their phones and e-mail no longer work. The BBB has also been unable to reach them. The company is still taking orders online though, and is charging people, but they haven't shipped an order to anyone since before Christmas.

We've even moved now, and have no way to update the shipping address.

Review about: T2 Violet Wand Kit.



Eclectic Electric closed. They had a notice on their website about the closing, something about their partner left, and to fill out a form. I filled out the form and got a refund from an accounting firm like 2 months later.

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